Margery Paetlz, is the Emergency Response Coordinator for Brown County. She continues to maintain our county emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

The ability to support efforts in this area is directly related to the funding provided through the Ohio Department of Health. The activities to fulfill the grant requirements involve the collaboration and cooperation of all emergency task-force agencies throughout our County and Region.

The Medical Reserve Corps has recently updated the State system; this will make a positive difference for our units' membership. Margery is working closely with the Brown County Emergency task-force, planning drills and exercises to fulfill several grant expectations. Access to grant funding also enables the Health Department staff to acquire continued educational training, and essential supplies for preparedness prevention.

Margery is available and enjoys speaking with many citizens, either one on one, in a group, or in a club or meeting setting. Please feel free to contact her at the Health Department to speak for your organization and/or to be come a volunteer.

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