As of January 1, 2011 all birth records filed in the State of Ohio will be available at your local health district.  Anyone born in the State of Ohio may contact their local Health District to obtain a certified birth record.

You may now obtain a birth certificate from Brown County Health Department even if the birth did not occur in Brown County.


Impact of New Law on Adoptions Finalized Between January 1, 1964 – September 18, 1996

Senate Bill 23 modified the law governing records of adoptions that were finalized between January 1, 1964, and September 18, 1996.  This law will allow those whose adoptions were finalized between January 1, 1964 to September 18, 1996 to gain access to their adoption file and original birth record from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). 


Effective March 20, 2015, adult adoptees may submit an application to ODH for a copy of the adoption file.  The requesting adoptee must be at least 18 years old. The adult lineal descendants (lineal descendants are described as children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the adoptee) may also submit an application for a copy of the adoption file.  The adoption file request form is also be available in our lobby. Please note: a copy of an adoption file CANNOT be ordered online, nor can a copy of an adoption file be provided in our lobby on the same day.  Customers may mail the required documents with payment or submit them in our lobby; requests will be verified and researched, then copies will be mailed within one month.



Starting now the biological parents can complete and submit a Birth Parent Information Packet which contains: a Contact Preference Form, Social/Medical History Form and an Application for the Release of the Adopted Name. Below you will find detailed information as to the purpose of each form.  

  • The Contact Preference Form will allow the biological parent to state how they would like to be contacted if the adoption file is released. They can choose direct contact, contact through an intermediary or no contact at all. This form is advisory only and not enforceable. It does not ensure that contact will or will not be made. The Social/Medical History Form is not required with this form, but is urged to be completed.
  • The Social and Medical History Form will allow the biological parents to update any social and medical information they wish for the adoptee or any lineal descendants to be aware of.
  • The Application for Release of Adopted Name form will allow the adopted child's name to be released to the biological parents in the event that an adopted child has submitted an Authorization of Release of Adopted Name form (HEA 3036).


All forms for adoption information can be found here: